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All Things Payments specializes in reducing the overall costs associated with the acceptance of electronic payments, as well as, providing our clients with a concise and detailed understanding of their entire payments system environment and how to best optimize its performance. Clients benefit from the experience and expertise of Marcie Haitema and her in-depth experience in all things relating to electronic payments specifically in the credit union, banking, and money service business industries.

All Things Payments can augment or become your full treasury consulting solution, helping your business overcome electronic payments optimization challenges, or better manage or plan the building of your payments product portfolio entirely. Our extensive access to multiple layers of the payments industry affords its clients the ability to quickly and cost-effectively improve the bottom line profitability of their businesses.

All Things Payments Services Include:

About our Pay for Performance Risk Mitigation Fee Program:

All Things Payments works with small to mid-sized businesses to ensure they are getting the best possible value from their payment providers. We offer a novel, minimal-risk "performance fee" based approach to the majority of its client engagements. That said our clients never pay a full fee if we do not deliver predertermined, measurable results. We believe in delivering only tangible results that enhance every business. We structure our compensation based on our ability to deliver.

"It's All About Results!"


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