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 About Marcie Haitema 
With more than 20 years of product management, operations, risk management, business and strategy development, complex project planning and execution, solution set design and execution, and contingency planning experience for Fortune 500 companies, middle market, small business, and financial institutions, Marcie Haitema is adept at increasing revenue, executing growth strategies, and building strong relationships. She understands the principles that drive payment profitability and she is innovative at finding solutions to achieve results and above all, Marcie excels in developing new business opportunities using traditional and alternative tools in financial environments.

With a passion for "all things payments," she has a proven expertise in e-banking, automated clearinghouse (ACH) transactions, electronic funds transfer services (EFTS), Treasury Solutions, payment conversions, and mobile payments. In recent years, she has been called upon to serve as an expert witness in a wire fraud case and other ACH cases.
Marcie also served five terms on the NACHA Board (the Electronic Payments Association), was a  Director for Mid-West Payment Exchange, now EPCOR through a merger,  the Chairperson of NACHA Rules and Operations Committee from 2005-2007, and a Representative for Electronic Payment Network (EPN).

Marcie sets the strategic direction and builds strong diverse teams then gets out of the way and lets people do their jobs and excel. She believes that if you are always looking over your shoulder seeking inequity, you will find it. However, if you're always looking over your shoulder, you will never move forward and if you seek injustice, you will always find it. "Trying to drive forward while constantly looking in the rear view mirror obstructs one's view. The past is a good teacher and should be drawn upon. It's important to know where you have been, but it's only one view and that can miss-shape or falsely color how you move forward," she says.

She is a resourceful strategic planner who looks at situations from a variety of people and perspectives before making decisions. As a manager, she sees herself as the one who seeks as much input and data as possible from as many people and sources as possible.  She then draws upon all the input to assess, formulate, execute, as well as assist and removes obstacles. She possesses an internal drive that keeps her focused on moving forward.

Among her accomplishments, Marcie overhauled bill payment product strategy from a direct provider to Value-Added-Reseller, led vendor selection efforts, stopped revenue losses, and achieved product profitability within 24 months. She achieved consistent double-digit revenue and volume growth, improved ROE to 248%, efficiency ratio of 61%, and shareholder value added growth. Marcie reduced unit costs by 75% and she launched five new product lines with international expansion to more than 31 countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. She initiated a Six Sigma program that achieved revenue growth of over $300,000 in the first year and led JP Morgan Chase in the U.S. to become first ACH business to be ISO certified.

Marcie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and General Management from Russell Sage College in Troy, New York. Additionally, she earned 23 Spanish credits, spent a semester in Seville, Spain, and held a 6-month job teaching English as a second language to 35 sixth graders in Mexico.

Her career in understanding the intricacies of financial payments began at Chemical Banking Corporation in New York where she participated in their management development program. Positions she has held over the years include Executive Vice-President, Senior Vice-President, Vice President, Assistant VP, Relationship Manager, Business Development Manager, Operations Manager, and Product Specialist. Her sub-specialty skills include Electronic Funds Transfer Services, Treasury Solutions, Wholesale Demand Deposit Accounting, Financial Services, Electronic Collections and Disbursements, ChemLink Electronic Cash Management, Product Specialist, and Account Reconciliation Services.


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